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Image by Naomi Hutchinson

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Take a BET on us


After spending years searching for the right boots and boards, I came up against a tough realization: most snowboard gear companies do not produce their most aggressive gear in a woman's size or shape. I decided to create a snowboard team for female-born riders to prove that women shred just as passionately and aggressively as male-born riders.


We deserve equal gear and recognition, a community of support, and opportunities to ascend.


BeTS aims to beat the stereotype that is holding us back. We gather in person and online to support each other's advancement, and advocate for all current and future female-born athletes through our programming and partnerships. We ask that you to take a bet on us -- by creating equal gear and opportunities for us. 

~Lila Wright, Founder

Image by Jessica Tuttle


• Female ride-days on mountain 

• Test out gear and provide feedback

• Learn & advance our skill

• In-person and online events

We are expanding!

Check back for more as we grow our network and opportunities.

Burton ride day.jpeg


April 9th

Come Ride with BeTS &Demo for Free! 

Burton Ride Day


friday, April 9th

@ Heavenly

• Ride with ladies

• Test next year's gear

Pine Trees

Beat The Stereotype = BeTS


Our name conveys a double message. BeTS is not only an acronym that stands for our mission (to challenge the stereotype of what an adventure athlete looks like). The name BeTS was also chosen to reclaim a word that once conveyed a negative stereotype that we are actively reforming. A "Betty" or "Surf Betty" was slang for a pretty girl who watched from the sidelines in a skate park or surf beaches. We are taking back the name -  with a twist - and straightlining for proper recognition as equal athletes!

Understand Our Name More Deeply...

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